SpiralCentric Journeys

Breath, Meditation, Energetic, BodyMind, and Spirit guide work

Discover better ways to.... Breathe. Be. Be Better and Happier

Tara Gilmaher, M.F.A., C. Ht.

Are issues from your past keeping you from being present, mindful, and deeply self-aware? Tara Jeanine works with men and women who are ready to get unstuck. People who are ready for life to be better, to move forward, to get out of their own way; who have been hung up by grief, trauma, or other issues. Are you ready to get unstuck and (as Dr. Brene Brown says) "dare to live greatly" in your truth and authenticity?

Tara uses healing energy, bodywork, meditation coaching, hypnotherapy, and creating a compassionate emotional space in her practice, SpiralCentric Journeys. She works organically with her clients to clear issues from the body-mind-memory. Tara works using EFT, Emotional BodyMind healing, meditation and breathwork, brain balancing, and organic languaging. Tara learned and developed these tools in her healing journey over the last 20 years as she discovered how to release emotional, physical and spiritual scars and blockages before answering the call to become a healing professional.