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Non Violent and Compassionate Communication

Have you found it easy to understand NVC concepts, but then found it hard to remember to respond rationally and empathetically when you're being triggered or with certain people in your life?

I offer non-violent/compassionate communication group work for people who are ready to have genuine positive connections...are you tired of subtextual misunderstandings? Mixed messages? Feeling like you're missing something or not being heard?

This group work is tailored for individuals who want to meet up to integrate NVC and Compassionate communication into more aspects of their lives. Some styles of NVC can feel shallow or superficial, but this practice is about being real, recognizing and addressing challenging feelings that come up in a way that honors our feelings' validity, our individual voices and allows the group to practice listening and languaging. This group is about learning how to recognize, ask for, and get what we need, and how to hear, understand, and give to others around us the things they need so that our lives and the lives of those we love can be wonderful, even with life's ups and downs. This group will discuss real challenges that members experience as each of us work to have more loving, healthy, balanced lives and relationships. This is not an intellectual exercise, it is a group that will create a supportive space for members to explore how to handle the things that trigger and expose us. This group is NOT a replacement for therapy, although if your therapist is on board, you're welcome to join us. Because working in NVC requires honesty, authenticity, and vulnerability (we become vulnerable when we expose the things we need) it is absolutely essential for members to feel validated and supported. In order to create an atmosphere of inclusion and trust, all members are asked to be supportive of fellow members, even those living lifestyles which may not mesh with their own personal values and/or beliefs. This group is open to anyone working to live an authentic life and open to change. In order to create a supportive environment members are also asked to treat conversations within the group as confidential. I know there are a lot of people who are interested in the idea of NVC and learning how to communicate compassionately, and this group is for people who are ready to come practice things that are hard to say and hard to hear in empathy. By joining the group you are committing to attending at least every other meeting held each month. I apologize if you are unable to make it to our meetings. If you have a venue to offer that would make it easier for you to attend, please let Jeanine know.